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zaterdag 10 december 2016

FEMINISME / Francesca Borri - No Place for Women

And then, of course, I am a woman. One recent evening there was shelling everywhere, and I was sitting in a corner, wearing the only expression you could have when death might come at any second, and another reporter comes over, looks me up and down, and says: “This isn’t a place for women.” What can you say to such a guy? Idiot, this isn’t a place for anyone. If I’m scared, it’s because I’m sane. Because Aleppo is all gunpowder and testosterone, and everyone is traumatized: Henri, who speaks only of war; Ryan, tanked up on amphetamines. And yet, at every torn-apart child we see, they come only to me, a “fragile” female, and want to know how I am. And I am tempted to reply: I am as you are. And those evenings when I wear a hurt expression, actually, are the evenings I protect myself, chasing out all emotion and feeling; they are the evenings I save myself. (Francesca Borri, Italiaanse freelance journalist in Syria)

Volledig artikel 'Woman's Work' gepubliceerd op Columbia Journalist Review vind je HIER.

Francesca Borri schreef ook een boek over Aleppo en een bespreking daarover in MO* vind je HIER.

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